Have a tech guru in the family you need to buy for? Look no further! These are endorsed by St. Nick!

Thursday, November 29, 2018
David Novak, The Gadget Guy

Have a tech guru in the family you need to buy for? Even the geekiest of kin, young or old, will appreciate these "wish list" favorites, guaranteed to make any tech enthusiast dazzled and entertained. 


AtGames brings the classic video games of the 70s and 80s back with their release of the ATARI Flashback Blast! line of products. The standalone mini console feature an HDMI dongle that plugs directly into your TV and wireless controller, and each product features 8 to 20 classic titles per model including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Gallaga and more. $20. (310) 286-2222; atgames.net


Bogged down by all of your computer peripherals? Welcome to the age of wearable tech. Tap Strap is a one-handed keyboard, mouse and controller that fits on your hand. Use it to play games, make music, control commercial applications, and more with the touch of your fingers... on any surface. $180. (818) 583-6216; tapwithus.com


Simplistic power married to elegance is Edifier's motto with heir new Airpulse A300 Hi-Res Active Bookshelf Speakers. For the audiophile in mind, this powerhouse pair extends frequency range and 3D sound to a whole new level, thanks to a horn-loaded ribbon tweeter. Designed by Phil Jones, they're finished with cherry wood and a satin lacquer. $1,100.(844) 368-3631; edifier.com 


Who says smartwatches are nerdy. The LAGOS Smart Caviar is the first fine jewelry bracelet designed for the Apple Watch®, which helps transition that sporty look into a piece of fine jewelry. Unisex styles available in 18K gold, diamond links and sterling silver, it's perfect for more than just a sweaty run. $950 - $8,500. (877) 925-4305; lagos.com


As the days grow colder and the nights require some extra cozy, the Kijaro Kubie is a unique outdoor solution. Whether needing to bundle at the campsite, or keep warm during holiday caroling, Kubie can be used as an insulated poncho with hood, ground cover, sleeping bag, pillow and hammock  $80. (877) 454-5276; kijaro.com/kubie


 is an engagingly sophisticated learning robot that will inspire hours of creative problem-solving. With something for beginners and advanced coders alike, Cue can grow with the user and take coding to the next level. It comes with 40 challenges to keep your kids engaged as they build coding proficiency and potentially become the next Bill Gates. $200. (408) 785-7981; makewonder.com


Airpulse A300 Hi-Res Active Bookshelf Speakers

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