Smart Life: These latest gadgets add a technological spin to products we've used for years

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
David Novak, The Gadget Guy

Whether it be hobbies, entertainment, home, fitness or career, we've become accustom to buying stuff to help us in these areas. These latest gadgets add a technological spin to products we've used for years.


The Ambi Climate 2 Smart Air Conditioner Controller adjusts your air conditioner, and uses machine learning based on its AI Engine, live data and multiple sensors to remove the need of constant AC adjustments. It measures and analyzes temperature, humidity, sunlight, and online weather data and tracks the time of day to account for your metabolic cycle and clothing. Supports Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. $130.


The VersaDesk Power Lift Standing Desk is a Height Adjustable Standing Desk that can raise up to 50 inches, and the whole thing can sit right on your existing desk. Its gloss white surface model offers you an interactive whiteboard surface to write on as well. $800


If recreational fishing is a part of your life, the Eco-Popper will drastically up your fishing game. This high-tech lure combines a 720p wide-angle HD camera with wireless technology, allowing you to stream live HD video of underwater action. You can also store valuable sensor data on its fishing log app. No internet connection is required. $190


Mycroft brings the full power of A.I right to your home. It responds to spoken commands to control any smart device. It can, for example, wake you up with a personalized message that lists the weather stats, or lock up your home when you're away. And because it's open-source, you’re able to completely customize. $150


Lost on a hike? Breadcrumb can help. It's a waterproof Bluetooth Location Marker that can work 150 yards away via its mobile app. Its 5 ultra-bright LED lights flash when activated, or when out of sight, its sound beacon guides you back to base camp. Runs on 2 lithium batteries. $40

Ambi Climate 2 Smart Air Conditioner Controller


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