Presidential gadgets: These tech items can relieve stress, improve efficiency, and may even add a little more security

Saturday, May 11, 2019
David Novak, The Gadget Guy


Presidents are leaders of countries, and every step of them is being watched by all people. We're always curious about their real life and one of the aspect is what gadgets presidents are using. In honor of George Washington's Birthday, May 18th, we've rounded up the best gadgets suited for the hardest jobs in the world. These tech items can relieve stress, improve efficiency, and may even add a little more security. 


Presidents must stay in shape. Their countries depend on it. The Skulpt Scanner is a personalized fitness trainer that gives fitness and nutrition guidance based on anyone's unique physiology. The Skulpt leverages science-driven techniques, previously available to elite athletes, to optimize workouts based on any one body type. $99.


Foreign Relations never sleeps, so being productive anywhere and everywhere is a must. If Mr. President wants to wind down a bit by listening to a few tunes, it still requires multi-tasking to do so....say while showering. The Gideon AquaAudio Cube works great in the shower and comes with a powerful suction cup that can attach to any bathroom surface. It's completely waterproof and pumps out sound like a concert hall.  $20.


Wouldn't it be embarrassing if the president lost his wallet? The world’s first traceable wallet is here in the Ekster 3.0. It's Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and Siri compatibility, making it the first wallet you can summon by voice. Made with soft premium leather, it’s also got RFID protection and a futuristic card access feature. $119.


This dual alarm clock has been proven to wake up even the heaviest presidential sleepers. The Sonic Bomb Alert Alarm Clock has a powerful extra-loud dual alarm with an adjustable volume and tone, built-in pulsating lights, and a powerful 12-volt bed shaker that you can put underneath your mattress or pillow to be shaken awake.   $39.


For those presidential events, knowing loads about wine is impressive and everything, but being able to delegate knowing loads about wine to a robot is much more 2019. The iFavine iSommelier Smart Decanter aerates wine to enhance its flavors and aromas, and the touch screen shows the wine's name and vintage. It can all be controlled from the free app. $1,050. 

Skulpt Scanner

iFavine iSommelier Smart Decanter

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